Terms of Service

"Be excellent to each other." Inconnu is provided free of charge. Do not use it to harrass anyone or otherwise make a nuisance of yourself. Inconnu is provided without warranty, either explicit or expressed.

User-Generated Content

There are three types of content you can give Inconnu:

  • Intellectual, in the form of character names, biographies, and descriptions

  • Text, in the form of comments and other material you use in bot commands

  • Images, if you are a premium user

By using Inconnu, you grant permission to upload, transmit, display, and store the above data. Certain data will be available on the web as part of your character profile pages, while the rest will only be available within Discord itself.

You may not use Inconnu to distribute any copyrighted or illegal material. Violation of this rule will lead to a permanent ban from using the product and may result in legal action. Don't do it! Should you see another user violating this rule, please reach out.

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