RP changelog

Post updates

Server admins may specify a "changelog" channel via /settings set changelog_channel:. When this channel is set, Inconnu will notify whenever a user edits their /post.

This changelog contains a link to the edited post, an indication of what was added/removed, and a URL to the Inconnu website's post viewer, which allows you to view all of the post's past history.

Post deletions

In addition to a changelog channel, server admins may set a "deletions" channel via /settings set deletion_channel: that notifies when an RP post has been deleted. This channel may be separate from the changelog channel or the same.

The notice indicates the author, the channel where the message existed, the post's contents, and a link to the post's permanent record on the Inconnu website.

If the post was deleted in bulk or due to a channel deletion, no notice will be posted.

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