Advanced: Rouse-only macros

We learned earlier that a macro's pool can be any valid roll pool. What we didn't learn is that a macro's pool may also be 0.

Why would you want a pool of 0? Many players use "zero-pool" macros for commented Rouse checks. Let's say your character has the Toughness power. This power doesn't require a roll to activate. While you could use /rouse purpose:Toughness, that's a lot of typing. And what if your Blood Potency is 3 or higher? It becomes an even longer command: /rouse reroll:Yes purpose:Toughness.

To save time, you can make a "Rouse-only macro".

Example: Nadea has Blood Potency 3 and the Toughness power. To save time, we want a macro called Toughness that makes the appropriate, labeled Rouse check.

/macro create name:toughness pool:0 hunger:Yes difficulty:0 rouses:1 reroll_rouses:Yes comment:Toughness

With this macro created, we can perform the Rouse check with a much shorter /vm syntax:toughness.

With a zero-pool macro, hunger and difficulty are effectively ignored.

It's possible to make a macro that does nothing! If there's no pool and no Rouse check, then ... nothing will happen.

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