When you create a character in V5, you are given several skill specialties that add a single die to appropriate rolls. Inconnu doesn't ask for these specialties when making your character, but you can add them afterward.

Adding Specialties

/specialties add specialties:<TRAIT1>=<SPEC1>,<SPEC2>,...<SPECN> [TRAIT2]=...

As you can see, you can add multiple specialties at a time. You can treat these specialties as normal skills and attributes; they are automatically worth one die each. You can add them to your rolls just like you add any other skill.

Example: Nadea has a Medicine specialty called Cadavers.

/specialties add specialties:Medicine=Cadavers

To remove specialties, you use the same syntax:

Removing Specialties

/specialties remove specialties:<TRAIT1>=<SPEC1>,[SPEC2]...

Listing specialties

You can see your specialties near the bottom of the /traits list command:


You can roll with a specialty using "dot-syntax". For example, if you have a Brawl specialty called Kindred, you can access it by brawl.kindred.

Just like normal traits, you can use shorthand so long as Inconnu can tell what specialty and skill combo you're referring to. Instead of brawl.kindred, you might write brawl.kin, b.k, or even .k—so long as what you type is unambiguous.

When you roll with a specialty, one die is automatically added to the dice pool. In addition, the specialty is written in parenthesis after the skill (e.g. "Brawl (Kindred)").

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