🎲Rolling with traits

Unlike other dice rollers, Inconnu allows you to roll by naming your Attributes and Skills.

Basic roll syntax:

/roll pool:<POOL> hunger:<HUNGER> difficulty:<DIFFICULTY>

While you can supply raw numbers for each of these parameters, Inconnu really shines when you use traits. Traits are the Attributes and Skills you supplied while making the character, plus any custom traits you might define later.

Example: Nadea is performing research at the library. She's at hunger 2, and the information is hard to find, so the roll is against difficulty 4. The pool is Resolve plus Academics, and she has a research specialty that grants her a bonus die.

/roll pool:resolve + academics + 1 hunger:Current Hunger difficulty:4

From this syntax, Inconnu interprets the following:

  • pool: Resolve + Academics + 1

  • hunger: Nadea's current Hunger rating

  • difficulty: 4

Notice that we didn't capitalize Resolve or Academics? That's fine. Inconnu doesn't care about that. In fact, we didn't even need to write the full trait names! You can provide an abbreviated name so long as Inconnu can match it to a single trait name. Thus, we could have supplied r for Resolve and ac for Academics, making our pool a much quicker r + ac + 1!

You might have noticed we didn't provide a character name in our roll. So long as you have only one character, you won't need to supply a character name for most functions. As soon as you add a second, however, you will need to supply the name of the character so Inconnu knows which traits to look up. Even then, in certain circumstances, Inconnu is smart enough to know which character can perform a given interaction. Feel free to experiment!

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