Optional modifiers

Because sometimes, you need to make temporary changes.

When you roll a macro, sometimes you need to make changes to your pool or your difficulty. Maybe your character is impaired or maybe the SI is extra active tonight. Maybe you have a Discipline power that lets you ignore Hunger. Whatever the case, Inconnu allows you to roll using one-time modifiers to your macros.

To apply optional modifiers, you simply write additional syntax after the macro name, modifying first the pool, followed by the hunger, and finally the difficulty.

Example: We want to roll our hunt macro. The SI is extra active tonight, raising the difficulty to 4, but we're in luck: a coterie member is helping us out, granting one bonus die.

/vm syntax:hunt + 1 hunger 4

You aren't limited to a simple "+1". In fact, you can add or subtract as many additional traits/numbers as you like. For this example, however, we're keeping it simple.

Special trait: hunger is a special trait all vampire characters have. As you might expect, it represents the character's current Hunger rating. If our Hunger was 3, then invoking hunger is the same as writing the number 3.

Only vampires have Hunger! If you try to use hunger with a mortal character (or ghoul), Inconnu will give you an error message.

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