Updating your macros

Sometimes you need to update a macro. Maybe you mistyped something, or maybe you have a new specialty that applies to the roll. To make a permanent change to a macro (not simply a one-time modifier), you need the /macro update command.

Updating Macros

/macro update macro:<macro name> parameters:[parameters]

Just what are these parameters? The first several are self-explanatory:

  • name: Set this to change the macro's name.

  • pool: For updating the macro's pool. Accepts any valid pool.

  • hunger: Set to *Yes* or *No* to include Hunger in the roll.

  • difficulty: The macro's new default difficulty. Must be a number 0 or higher.

The next five take a little more explaining.

  • rouses: You can set a macro to make one or more Rouse checks as part of the roll. This is useful for activating Disciplines. This number must be 0 or higher.

  • reroll_rouses: Whether to re-roll failed the macro's failed Rouse checks once each. Does nothing if rouses is 0 or unset.

  • staining: A simple Yes/No setting. Use this if the Rouse checks set in rouses are part of an Oblivion roll. With staining set to Yes, then a 1 or a 10 on a Rouse check will give your character one Stain.

  • hunt: Another Yes/No setting. If set to Yes, then a successfull roll will surface a menu for slaking Hunger. Red buttons are harmful drinks, and blue are safe. Once you slake, the menu will be replaced with an automatic Resonance check.

  • comment: A comment that will be added to the bottom of the roll's readout.

All of these update parameters are available as optional parameters when you create a macro.

Example: We made a macro called hunt earlier. Let's tell Inconnu that it is, in fact, a hunt macro. Let's also permanently set the difficulty to 4. Those dang SI aren't going away.

/macro update macro:hunt parameters:hunt=yes difficulty=4

Now, whenever we /vm syntax:hunt, we will get a menu to slake Hunger if the roll is successful.

Just like when adding traits, you may update multiple macro parameters at a time.

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