The /post command uses webhooks, which Discord's standard search feature has trouble with. In particular, you can't use the from: filter with webhook messages. Inconnu's /search feature bridges the gap and offers a number of options for finding your (or another player's) posts.

This command does not require premium! Any user may use /search to find a premium user's posts. This holds true even if your own membership lapses.

When you /search, a window will pop up showing matching posts (presentation depends on whether you enable summary mode, below). Clicking the character name or the summary snippet will take you to that post.



The user who made the post


Text that appears in the post

If this option is used, results will be sorted by relavency rather than date


The name of the character in the post

This is the name when the post was made


A user the author pinged with the post

The author must have used the mentioning parameter


If true, only you may see the search results

Defaults to "true"


If true, display a list of posts with a short snippet from each

Defaults to "false"

If a post was deleted, it will not show in /search results.

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