In addition to Attributes, Skills, and custom traits, Inconnu keeps track of Health, Willpower, Humanity, Hunger, and more.

As you saw when you created your character, each character has base trackers: Humanity, Health, Willpower, Hunger, and Blood Potency. In addition, Inconnu tracks both lifetime XP and unspent XP. Modifying these is done with the /character adjust command.

This command has over a dozen optional parameters for modifying nearly every aspect of your character.

Example: Nadea has taken two levels of Superficial Health damage, one level of Aggravated Health damage, and one level of Superficial Willpower damage.

/character adjust sup_hp:+2 agg_hp:+1 sup_wp:+1

Plus, minus, or nothing

In the example above, we wrote +2 and +1. We could of course have reduced damage by subtracting (with -) instead. But what happens if we leave off + or -? In that case, Inconnu will set the value to that level rather than adding or subtracting from the current value. If you have three levels of Superficial Health damage, sup_hp:2 (without the plus sign) will reduce your damage to two boxes.

Why can't I just subtract health? New users sometimes get confused about having to "add" damage versus "subtracting" health. There's an important distinction: the health parameter reflects the overall size (number of boxes) of your health track. When you "add" damage, you are applying it.

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