Server Settings

Learn about Inconnu's customization options.
Inconnu has a few customizable behaviors, which are adjustable using the /settings set command available to server administrators. Anyone can use the /settings show command to see the server's current configuration. Read below for an explanation of the parameters.


Default: Unrestricted
This parameter specifies whether users may edit their own XP totals. The options are Unrestricted, Unspent XP only, Lifetime XP only, and Restricted (admins only).
Recommended reading: /experience commands.


Default: 1s and 10s (RAW)
When making a Rouse check, you may have noticed an occasional message informing you to apply a stain if it was an Oblivion roll. This is due to the rule introduced in Chicago by Night and Cults of the Blood Gods that a Rouse check for an Oblivion power, Ritual, or Ceremony grants a Stain on a 1 or a 10.
With the oblivion_stains parameter, you may customize this behavior to only show the message on 10s, 1s, or never.
This parameter affects macros. Macros created with the staining parameter set to Yes will automatically apply a stain should the Rouse check result in the value chosen here.


Default: None
Inconnu uses ephemeral messages to communicate with players when they update their characters. While this saves on clutter, it means that server administrators can't see what's happening. With this parameter set, Inconnu will list character updates in a single location—helpful if you have a less scrupulous player who decides to set all their traits to 5s!


Default: No
When the Oblivion Discipline was added, it came with a new Resonance, called "Empty". Unfortunately, Empty Resonance was never added to the table of random Resonances. With this parameter enabled, the /resonance command will add Empty Resonance to its list of possible random Resonances.


Default: No
This enables or disables accessibility mode for the entire server. Users may not override this parameter if set to Yes.


Default: 5
An experimental setting, this allows you to increase the max Hunger rating in rolls from 5 to 10. Note that, at present, this has no effect on characters' max Hunger.