Basic Features

V5 Dice Roller

At its most basic, Inconnu performs standard rolls with a Pool, Hunger, and Difficulty. In addition, it allows you to perform Willpower re-rolls using one of three strategies: re-roll failures, maximize criticals, and avoid messy criticals.

However, what makes Inconnu unique is its combination of dice rolling and character statistics.

Character Tracking

Inconnu allows you to create as many characters as you want on as many servers as you like. You can track your Hunger, Health, Willpower, Humanity, and XP all from one central location with a simple, easy-to-use text-based interface. In addition, Inconnu ties into your characters with its rouse and remorsecommands, saving time and reducing the need for bookkeeping.

Skills, Attributes, and Traitsβ€”Oh, my!

Perhaps its most unique feature, Inconnu allows you to track individual Attributes (such as Strength, Composure, and Intelligence) and Skills (like Academics, Brawl, and Craft), as well as enter your own, custom traits. What's more, you can then use these traits to create a dice pool. When you create a character, Inconnu will guide you through a thorough creation wizard.

Macro Support

Macros are an advanced, time-saving feature that allows you to predefine rolls for later use. No dice roller is complete without them! Inconnu's macros use the same syntax as normal rolls, making macro creation a snap.

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