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/vm syntax:<macro_name> [pool overrides] [hunger override] [difficulty override]
The macro's name
pool overrides
Any additions/subtractions to make to the pool
hunger override
Optionally override the macro's Hunger setting
difficulty override
Optionally override the macro's difficulty
If you wish to use difficulty override, then you must supply a hunger override, which can be as simple as typing hunger.
Example: Rolling a macro called hunt with a two-die penalty, standard hunger, and a difficulty override of 4.
/vm syntax:hunt-2 hunger 4
Why /vm? Macro rolling does not make use of the /macro command family namespace. This is intentional. By keeping macro rolling similar to the general roll command, users can quickly type it without having to choose from a list. If /vr means "vampire roll", then /vm means "vampire roll macro".
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