Experience Management

Maintain a log of player-character experience gains and expenditures with the /experience command group.

Experience can be awarded or deducted from characters with /experience award and /experience deduct, respectively. Both commands have the following parameters:

Players and admins may view their characters' experience logs with the /experience log command.

To remove a log entry, use the /experience remove entry command. This takes a player, character, and log_index parameter. The log_index is the log entry number as shown by /experience log.

When removing an entry, the confirmation message will give the admin an option to reverse the XP change; i.e. if the entry was an award of 10 lifetime XP, a button will appear that, when clicked, will subtract 10 lifetime XP.

Bulk experience

If you manage a large server, the /bulk award xp command can save a lot of time. This command pops up a modal dialogue with the following required parameters:

The list must follow this format:

N xp <@User ID> Character name

Where N is the amount of XP to give that character, User ID is the player's Discord ID, and Character name is the character's name.

If there are any errors in your input (misspelled character name, invalid user, etc.), then no experience will be rewarded. You will instead see a list of lines Inconnu understood, followed by a list of error lines.

Syntax example:

5 xp <@1234567890> Nadea Theron
3 xp <@0987654321> Billy Bill
4 xp <@3485734857> Jimmy Maxwell

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