🔡Custom traits

Sky's the limit.

Running homebrew? Have some merits or flaws you roll? You can track these (and any other trait with a 0-5 rating) with custom traits.

Adding traits


/traits add traits:<TRAIT=RATING> [TRAIT2=RATING2] [TRAIT3=RATING3] ...

As you can see, you can add several traits at once; you don't need to enter them one at a time. Let's look at an example.

Example: Nadea has 3 dots in Status, 2 in Fame, and the Stunning merit, which gives two dice.

/traits add traits:Status=3 Fame=2 Stunning=2
Automatic Disciplines

Inconnu automatically converts the following custom traits to Disciplines:

  • Animalism

  • Auspex

  • BloodSorcery

  • Celerity

  • Dominate

  • Fortitude

  • Obeah

  • Obfuscate

  • Oblivion

  • Potence

  • Presence

  • Protean

  • Valeren

  • Vicissitude

  • WarriorValeren

  • WatcherValeren

Updating and deleting traits

For safety, Inconnu doesn't allow you to add a trait you already have. To modify an existing trait, use the /traits update traits: command. This has the same syntax as /traits add.

Deleting traits, on the other hand, can be done with /traits delete traits:. You can delete multiple traits at once; simply separate them with spaces.

Unlike with rolls, trait modification and deletion require you to be explicit in your typing. You can't write ac to represent Academics. This is done to prevent you from accidentally creating a bunch of useless traits or modifying/deleting the wrong thing.

If you delete a core trait, such as Strength or Athletics, Inconnu will instead make it a 0-dot trait. This way, you won't receive errors if called to roll for a core trait you accidentally deleted.

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