⚑Advanced: Roll shorthand

For users familiar with Thirst ... or who just want to save a little time.

Shorthand Roll Syntax

/vr syntax:<pool> [hunger] [difficulty]

Note: hunger and difficulty are optional!

This command behaves identically to /roll; the only difference is that the pool, hunger, and difficulty parameters are all combined into one syntax parameter. Both mobile users and those familiar with the popular Thirst bot may find this command easier to use.

/vr syntax:intelligence+investigation hunger 3

This will roll the character's Intelligence and Investigation, using the current Hunger rating, at difficulty 3.

Because it is more prone to user error, however, all the examples in this documentation use the more explicit /roll command.

Trait shorthand

As a reminder, when you roll with traits, you only need to provide Inconnu with enough information to infer which trait you want. When you supply a trait name, Inconnu finds all traits that start with your input. If only one trait starts with your input, then that's a match. This means you can supply less than the full name of a trait, so long as it's unambiguous.

Let's look at an example. Consider the standard character sheet, which has seven traits that start with the letter "S":

  • Science

  • Stamina

  • Stealth

  • Streetwise

  • Strength

  • Subterfuge

  • Survival

If you send the command, /vr syntax: s, then Inconnu won't know what to do with it, because it found seven potential matches. What if you give st? Then the bot will find "Stamina", "Stealth", "Streetwise", and "Strength"β€”still too many, but now it's only four. If you gave sta, on the other hand, only "Stamina" matches, and you have a match.

Thus, the following shorthand will roll Intelligence and Investigation, using current Hunger, at difficulty 3:

/vr syntax: inte+inv hun 3

When you create a macro, your traits will be expanded to their full match.

Your custom traits follow the same rules! This means that if you added a trait called "Staking", you would from then on need to write stam to match "Stamina" and stak to match "Staking."

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