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With the /post command, you can post a message "from" your character rather than your Discord username. Called Roleposting, this feature ties in to your Inconnu characters' current stats and offers a number of advanced features, such as tagging, bookmarking, and searching.
When you use /post, the bot presents a modal dialogue where you can enter your text. You may enter a post as long as 8000 characters spread across two text fields; Inconnu will intelligently split them across multiple posts as necessary.
/post uses Discord's modal dialogue.
Tip: Write your post in an external editor or in the main Discord textbox. This will let you reference other posts without losing your progress.

Optional parameters

The character to post as
Users, roles, and channels to mention
Start with @ or #
Is Blush of Life active?
Only affects this post
The vampire's Hunger level
Only affects this post
Where the scene is taking place
Only affects this post
Obvious/important merits
Only affects this post
Obvious/important flaws
Only affects this post
Temporary effects
Only affects this post
Whether to display the RP header above the post
Defaults to "true"
For options that "only affect this post", you may set the value permanently by updating the header.
An example using the "mentions" option.

Bookmark title

If you set a bookmark title in the modal dialogue, then you can use /bookmarks to quickly view it later.


A single post may have multiple tags, separated by semicolons, for lookup with the /tags command. Many users use tags for tracking awakening scenes, Discipline use, when specific traits have been rolled, scenes with specific characters, and more.

Editing & deleting

You may edit or delete a post by right-clicking the message and navigating to Apps -> Post: Edit or Apps -> Post: Delete. On mobile, long-press the message, then tap on Apps to bring up the menu.
If your premium membership lapses, you still have access to your old posts! You can edit/delete them and view bookmarks/tags without issue.