🎭Character and Player Parameters

Many commands offer optional character and player parameters, which are used to facilitate lookups.

  • character: If you have more than one character, you may use this parameter to specify which character to use for a given command. If you do not supply the parameter, Inconnu will do its best to figure out which character you want. If it cannot, then a menu will pop up requesting you to select the character.

  • player: In most instances, use of the player parameter is limited to server administrators. With it, administrators can view, roll as, or make changes to a character owned by another user.

Automatic Character Filtering

If you don't specify a character, Inconnu will attempt to filter based on context. For instance, if you have a mortal and a vampire character, then running /bol will automatically use the vampire, because mortals can't use the Blush of Life. Similarly, if one of your characters has a custom trait called Necromancy, then using /roll with Necromancy in the pool will signify you want to use that character.

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