Privacy Policy

Inconnu stores Discord user IDs over everyone who uses it, as well as Discord server IDs for all servers on which it is installed. None of this data is personally identifiable and is essential for the bot's functionality.

Additionally, Inconnu must store character data in order to make use of its advanced features. You should not post anything personally identifiable in character names, custom traits, macro names, comments, etc., as these may be visible to other users.

If you are a premium user, images you upload are stored for later retrieval and are publicly viewable. Should you delete an image from the bot, it is immediately deleted from Inconnu's servers.

Uploading of illegal content is grounds for a permanent ban from using the product and may result in legal action. Don't do it!

No data is shared with third parties.

Data Retention

Characters and all associated data, including uploaded images, may be removed with the /character delete command. This command is instantaneous and cannot be reversed. Independently of that, images may be deleted via the buttons in the /character images command.

Should you leave a server on which you used Inconnu, all of your character data, including images will be automatically scrubbed after thirty days unless you return to the server. To hasten this process, run /character delete before leaving the server.

If your premium membership lapses, you have seven days to reinstate it. If you do not do so within this timeframe, your character images will be automatically deleted.

Finally, when Inconnu is removed from a server, all relevant data will be scrubbed after thirty days. Re-inviting the bot before thirty days have elapsed will cancel the deletion.

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