Inconnu requires the following permissions:

  • Send Messages: Should be obvious, no?

  • Use External Emoji: For displaying individual dice throws and tracker boxes

  • Use Slash Commands: All of Inconnu's commands use slash commands

Inconnu isn't showing emoji

If Inconnu isn't showing its emoji, check that it has the Use External Emoji permission for that channel. Additionally, the @everyone role requires this permission as well. This is a hard Discord requirement for the slash commands feature required since September 2022.

If the settings are correct, ensure that accessibility mode is off, both on a server level and a user level.

Inconnu's replies are blank

Check your Discord settings. Show website preview info from links pasted into chat under Text & Images needs to be enabled. If replies are still blank, you may be using antivirus software that blocks the embeds. In particular, certain versions of McAfee have been known to do this.

You aren't able to upload images

Make sure you've done the following:

If you are still unable to upload images, please ask for help in #inconnu-support.

If you restart a canceled membership or change your credit card, Patreon sometimes won't update your supporter status. If this happens, please leave the server and join again.

If you are an older patron but not subscribed to a tier, you must change your pledge to any of the new tiers.

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