Your first macro

Learn how to save a standard roll for later use.

First, we'll look at the most basic type of macro: a saved roll.

Macro Creation

/macro create name:<name> pool:<pool> hunger:<Yes/No> difficulty:<difficulty>

Let's take a look at those parameters.

  • name: When you use a macro (more on that later), you will invoke it by its name. This name needs to be unique to the character.

  • pool: This must be a valid roll pool using either traits (preferred) or raw numbers.

  • hunger: This is a simple yes or no: Whether to use your character's current Hunger rating or to set it to zero. Most of the time, you want Yes.

  • difficulty: The difficulty against which the roll will be made.

Example: Let's make a macro called hunt. Our Predator Type is Graverobber, which gives us a hunting pool of Resolve + Medicine. We also have a Medicine specialty that applies, called Cadavers, which we added to our character.

/macro create pool:resolve+medicine.cadavers hunger:Yes difficulty:3

It's that simple!

Next, we'll see how to use the macro we just created.

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