⚑Willpower re-rolls

Easily re-roll up to three normal dice.

V5's rules as written ("RAW") allow you to re-roll up to three normal dice by spending a point of Willpower, so long as the roll incorporates an Attribute or a Skillβ€”and so does Inconnu!

Every time you roll, four buttons will display at the bottom of the roll view:

  • Re-Roll Failures: Re-roll only those dice that were unsuccessful. This is far and away the most commonly pressed button.

  • Max Crits: Re-roll up to three failing dice. If fewer than three dice are failures, Inconnu will re-roll normal successes (but not tens) in order to make up the difference.

  • Avoid Messy: Re-roll tens in order to attempt to avoid a Messy Critical. This button will not be available if the roll's outcome is not messy to begin with.

  • Risky Avoid: Just like Avoid Messy, this button also re-rolls tens. If there are fewer than three tens, however, it will begin re-rolling failure dice. Use this button if losing the crit would see you fail the roll. Otherwise, Avoid Messy is the better option nine times out of ten.

Be careful! Re-Roll Failures and Max Crits can lead the unwary into Messy Critical territory. Always check whether the any of the Hunger dice are tens before deciding whether to use Willpower.

Once you've made your selection, if you're rolling with a character, Inconnu will give you a prompt to mark off the spent point of Willpower. This way, you don't have to waste time using /character adjust!

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