🎲Gameplay Shortcuts

The following shortcuts encompass common actions. Using them prevents needing to issue complex /character update commands.

Most of these commands have an optional character parameter. To keep things simple, it is omitted from the command listings.

Aggravated Healing

The /aggheal command automatically heals your character by one Aggravated damage and rolls three Rouse checks, displaying the results (and any ensuing Hunger Frenzies) in a single command.

Only vampires and thin-bloods make Rouse checks.

Applying Stains

/stain delta:<DELTA>


The number of stains to add or remove

Can be positive or negative. Always adds or subtracts


Each night a character wakes, they heal Superficial Willpower damage and make a Rouse check. Inconnu automates this process with the /awaken command. It will even tell you if you were unfortunate enough to fall into torpor!

Instead of making a Rouse check, mortals and ghouls will heal a number of Superficial Health damage equal to their Stamina rating.

Blush of Life


This command performs a "blush of life" check for your character, taking your Humanity into account. It is equivalent to /rouse count:1 purpose:Blush of Life, plus reroll:Yes if your character is at Humanity 8. At Humanity 9 and 10, it will inform you that you do not need to make the check.

Crippling Injuries

/cripple damage:[DAMAGE]

This command rolls against the "crippling injury" table foudn on p.303. If a character is not supplied, then it is necessary to provide a damage value.



The total aggravated damage suffered

Frenzy checks

/frenzy difficulty:<difficulty> penalty:[penalty] bonus:[bonus]


The difficulty of the frenzy check


A dice penalty to apply


Bonus dice to apply to the roll

Per V5, p.219, Inconnu will roll your current Willpower plus 1/3 of Humanity, rounded down, and tell you the results.

Mending damage

To mend Superficial damage, simply type /mend. This will mend the appropriate amount of damage based on your Blood Potency (using the V5 Companion errata) or Stamina (for mortals) and perform a Rouse check.

Remorse Checks

When a character has Stains, you may perform a Remorse Check. This check follows the rules in the V5 core book: Inconnu rolls dice equal to the number of unmarked Humanity boxes, to a minimum of 1. If the result is a success, Humanity is maintained. If it fails, Humanity is automatically deducted by one. In either case, all accumulated Stains are removed.

/remorse min_override:[OVERRIDE]

What is min_override? This parameter facilitates loresheets that allow you to roll a minimum number of dice on Remorse checks. Most players can ignore this parameter! If you use it, the response embed will say so.

Resonance & Temperament

You may generate a random Resonance and Temperament with the /resonance command. To get a random Temperament with a specified Resonance, use /temperament.

Rouse checks

Inconnu can perform basic Rouse checks. Additionally, Inconnu will automatically increase the indicated character's Hunger rating if the rouse is a failure.

/rouse count:[count] purpose:[purpose] reroll:[Yes/No]


The number of rouse checks to perform


The reason for the rouse check


Whether to re-roll failures

Mortals and Ghouls: Mortals may not make Rouse checks. Ghouls, on the other hand, take one level of Aggravated damage instead of making a Rouse check, as per p.234 in the V5 core book.

Slaking Hunger

Use /slake to quickly reduce your Hunger by whatever amount you specify.

If you are at Hunger 4 or 5, you will get a button to test for Hunger Frenzy. Only vampires and thin-bloods can slake Hunger.

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