Commands that don't fit any other category.

Accessibility Mode

/accessibility enable:<Yes/No>
When Accessibility Mode is enabled, Inconnu will use plain text instead of emoji for dice rolls and trackers. This command affects only the user; to set it server-wide, see Server Settings.
Accessibility Mode, when enabled, follows you across servers.
If the server has Accessibility Mode enabled, this command will do nothing.

Coin Flip

Need a quick coin toss? This will generate heads or tails.

General Information

Displays general information and help links.


Displays a link to invite the bot. (Tip: You can also get a link by clicking on the bot's profile.)

Probability Calculation

You can calculate roll outcome probabilities using the /probability command.
/probability roll:<roll> reroll:[strategy]
The ROLL parameter can be any valid roll, such as 7 3 2 (pool 7, hunger 3, difficulty 2) or even a trait-based roll like Resolve + Academics 2 4.
The STRATEGY parameter allows you to specify a specific Willpower re-roll strategy.
The roll syntax to use
May be any valid roll, including trait-based rolls
Run the simulations using a specific Willpower re-roll strategy

Random Numbers

A random number between 1 and ceiling (default 100) may be rolled with the /random command.


Want to see how many rolls you've made? How many successes, crits, bestial failures, and the like? How many times you've used a Willpower re-roll? The /statistics command will show all of this information for each of your characters on the server.
Additionally, this command can show statistics for a specific trait. Currently, this is limited to showing the number of rolls made and number of successes gleaned in a given time period.
The type of stats lookup to make
"General" shows basic statistics, like number of criticals, etc.; "Traits" shows number of successes for each Attribute and Skill rolled
Limit results to rolls after this date
Optional; YYYYMMDD format
If date is omitted, it will show all statistics for the character(s) the bot has ever recorded.