Disciplines & powers

While Inconnu is not a reference tool, it can nonetheless track your character's Discipline ratings and known powers. There's no requirement that the name you give a Discipline is "official"; you can call them whatever you want!
Adding Disciplines
/disciplines add disciplines:DISC1=VALUE [DISC2=VALUE2] ...
You can add multiple Disciplines at a time.
Adding Auspex 2 and Oblivion 3 to a character:
/disciplines add disciplines:Auspex=2 Oblivion=3
Discord screenshot showing disciplines add


While not a requirement, you can add powers to a Discipline and use them in rolls just like specialties. Unlike specialties, however, using a power doesn't add dice. It's purely a way to reduce ambiguity in roll output.
The syntax is identical to adding specialties:
Adding powers
/powers add powers:<DISC1>=<POWER1>,[POWER2],... [DISC2]=...
Discord screenshot showing powers add
The same holds true for removing and rolling powers. Powers and Disciplines can be found in the output of /traits list.
Power bonus is automatically added if your Blood Potency is 2 or higher! No need to use a custom trait.